Avanafil is a drug that acts as a fast acting solution to erectile dysfunction. FDA approved pills such as Stendra utilize Avanafil as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. To treat erectile dysfunction avanafil improves blood flow to the male genitalia temporarily.

How to use Avanafil?

This can have negative side effects if taken with certain other drugs, such as nitrates that are used in other medications. For your safety you should not take more than one dosage of avanafil a day. For optimal use, it is recommended to take Stendra 30 minutes before engaging in any sexual activity to give the pill time to work. Avanafil is incredibly quick to start working but is still not immediate. Erectile dysfunction is painfully common amongst American men with over 30 million men having to deal with it on a permanent basis. Sometimes erectile dysfunction is caused by diabetes, poor blood flow, stress, drugs and alcohol, or even just age. Not every cause can be avoided. In many cases this erectile dysfunction can be treated with drugs such as Stendra.

Any Side effects?

For the most part it is safe to take drugs like Stendra to treat erectile dysfunction. Most side effects are mild and rarely occur in the small percentage of users who they do occur in. Notably, less than 2% of patients experienced headaches, stuffed up noses, flushing of the face, or backpain when they were taking Stendra. In extremely rare situations, Stendra can cause priapisms which can cause a lot of people; in these cases medical attention should be sought immediately. Before using Stendra it is highly advisable to consult a doctor and communicate with them about what other drugs and conditions that you have. In some cases it will not be safe for you to use Stendra and you will have to talk with your doctor to find an alternative that works for you. Anyone with a history of heart problems or who is currently taking medication to treat backaches or other similar problems should especially be concerned about the potential for a conflict to occur. It is important to know that even if you have erectile dysfunction that you can impregnate others still.

While using pills that can help treat erectile dysfunction, if you are not using any contraceptives of any kind, then you are at first of impregnating your partner. You can also become infected with or infect others with sexually transmitted diseases. With this in mind, whenever using drugs such as Stendra to treat erectile dysfunction, you should be mindful of having sex and take all precautions that you normally would.

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