Kamagra drugSimilar to Viagra, Kamagra is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. Both Viagra and Kamagra contain Sildenafil Citrate as their active ingredient. Kamagra is a cheaper, generic version of Viagra, created in India by Ajanta Pharma Limited after Viagra’s success. The drugs are almost identical in their uses and are both safe to use. Neither prevent HIV/AIDs, STDs, or pregnancies. It is strictly used to induce erections and should be taken an hour before intercourse for the best results. If the erection lasts longer than 4 hours, users should see a doctor. To prevent side effects like this, it is strongly recommended that users consult with their physicians first, prior to taking performance enhancers. Furthermore, the oral medication may come in a pill, chew, or gel form and be taken with a glass of water. This wide variety of ways to take the medication make it an enjoyable experience for men who prefer alternative options from a traditional pill.

Although Kamagra is illegal in some places such as the UK, it is widely available on online pharmacies for people from other countries. For example, it is popular in Australia because not only can it be prescribed by a doctor, but it can also be purchased from websites such as valtrexaustralia.com. The former lists a single pill as $1.50 and offers them in bulk. valtrexaustralia.com will deliver up to 360 tablets for $400 if desired. Many forums and reviews have Australian users who strongly recommend this website for ordering the drug because it is reliable and specializes in reasonable shipping times even when delivering large orders. Shipping is $10 regardless of location and there is free shipping on orders of over $150. It will take 10-21 business days to arrive, but can be expedited with express shipping which costs $30. This website specifically caters to repeat buyers as they offer 5% off on your second order, and 7% off on your 3rd. Additionally, the website is currently offering four free Viagra Soft pills with every order consisting of 20 erectile dysfunction pills, 10 Viagra tablets with a purchase of 60 pills, and 20 Viagra tablets with a purchase of 100 pills. This is a good offer considering Viagra is the more popular version of the drug, however, it must be remembered that Kamagra should not be taken with any other erectile dysfunction products.

On its own, the most common side effects of Kamagra are those of headaches, dizziness, and flushing. It is also common for Kamagra to cause irregular swelling as a result of blood rush to the genitals and heart. Other, less common, side effects range from runny noses to seizures. While some of these side effects like blurry vision may go away on their own, others such as painful erections should be treated by a doctor immediately. Again, it is stressed that users speak with a doctor prior to using Kamagra. Since Kamagra is legal in Australia, it may not be difficult to visit a doctor and ask for a prescription for this cheap solution to erectile dysfunction problems. Even more, it may be wiser to experience the short embarrassment of discussing the issue with a trusted doctor prior to using Kamagra than to lose money and time purchasing Kamagra through online pharmacies without good reputations.

Overall, Kamagra is a good alternative to Viagra and other erectile dysfunction products. It may be harder to obtain as it is not widely available in drugstores and can only be obtained through a prescription from a physician or by online order with one of the major online pharmacies shipping to Australia such as valtrexaustralia.com.