Viagra is a pill used to treat erectile dysfunction in men, as defined by the Australian government’s health department website. It works by relaxing blood vessels in and around the shaft of the penis and allowing blood to flow into the previously-constricted veins. Increased blood flow to the area allows erections to occur, meaning men suffering from erectile dysfunction are thus capable of intercourse or other sexual activities. When taking Viagra, it’s important to allow one hour for the blood vessels to open – make sure the pill is swallowed with sufficient time before attempting sexual activity.

Viagra in Australia online

Viagra in Australia online

The generic name of the drug is sildenafil. Sildenafil was first developed by Pfizer to treat angina and high blood pressure. Initial clinical trials of sildenafil were not successful and at first it seemed as if research would result in a dead end. However, several of the male test subjects reported increased ability to obtain and maintain erections, and Pfizer quickly made an about-face on the practical applications of sildenafil. Since it’s development in 1989, it has grown into a world-renowned drug used by men of all stripes. According to the University of Sydney, the Viagra market will reach US$3.4 billion by 2019. Studies have shown that, in Australia, 1 in 5 males over the age of 40 have trouble maintaining erections, so it’s small wonder why Viagra is such a popular item.

Although Viagra assists with erections, it does not cause an erection on its own, although in some rare cases it can cause a prolonged, painful erection that requires medical attention for drainage. Viagra may seem like a wonder-drug, but it may not be safe for everyone. Due to its influence on the circulatory system, it may not be safe for men suffering from heart disease and/or other circulatory issues. It can also cause various aches and pains, nausea, and flushed skin around the body.

It’s important to discuss Viagra use with a doctor before purchasing and using the drug, even though it can often be purchased without a prescription. In Australia, there are many generic versions of Viagra or sildenafil for sale. It’s important to purchase Viagra from a reputable pharmacy or online pharmacy, not just anyone who happens to be selling blue pills. Otherwise, familiarize yourself with the appearance and texture of true Viagra and compare this with the pills in your possession.

In Australia, Viagra typically costs $6.20 per packet of 4 tablets. The price is the same regardless of the dosage contained in the particular packet. The Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme subsidizes Viagra, which allows patients to purchase the drug for such a low price. Some online pharmacies offer the generic version of Viagra for even less. Online pharmacies typically offer bulk sale and discreet packaging during delivery. If one is embarrassed to purchase Viagra and/or sildenafil in person, this can be a viable alternative.