Avanafil is a prescription to help with erectile dysfunction and sold under the brand name of Stendra. It is part of a family of drugs that keeps one specific enzyme from acting within the penis – but is known for working more quickly than the other drugs in its family.

 Buy Stendra against erectile dysfunction

I can tell you, though, that for me, Stendra worked much more effectively than Viagra. I didn’t want to have to take a pill every day, like you do with Cialis, in order to keep things going down there. I also didn’t like having to wait a few hours after taking Viagra – and neither did my wife. It’s really hard to be spontaneous when you have to plan that spontaneity a couple hours ahead of time. And so my physician recommended that I try Stendra. I was skeptical at first about trying a new drug – while Viagra did work, there were times when my wife would get upset at having to wait, and so by the time things were up and running, she was no longer in the mood – and there’s no pill that I know of that can take care of that problem. We were really in trouble in our relationship. However, a few days after I got my Stendra prescription filled, I decided to roll the dice and see if things would turn out well. I took a Stendra and waited about half an hour. Then, I went in and started giving my wife a massage – without her asking me to. She started to relax and enjoy herself – and then I noticed that the medicine was working – and working quite well, thank you very much.

Without giving the gory details away, let’s just say that I was hooked on Stendra. Since then, our love life has blossomed, and what was turning into a very sour relationship is definitely on the upswing. I recommend Stendra (generic name – Avanafil) for you – or that you least mention it to your physician. Everyone is different, and you should always talk to your doctor before starting a new round of medication, because he will know about any interactions with other medicines, or the side effects that it could cause for you. However, if it turns out that Stendra is something that is an option for you, I definitely recommend giving it a try. The rewards could be tremendous. I know that they were for my wife…and for me.

John Rogers

I am working in Melbourne. My professional interests: male health and treatment ofyour sexual disorders.
John Rogers

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